placeCarretera Los Platanos, Juan Adrian, 42000, Monseñor Nouel

How it begun

November 28, 2021by Alan Beyin Development

Rider since always but with a break of 20 years…

When I took up cycling in 2019, the Gravity or downhill discipline did not exist in the Dominican Republic but some trail riders and other XC riders already had it in their blood and when Waldo De La Mota organized the first enduro race in the Higuero was the trigger. For many the start of a new passion and for me the answer to my hopes of finally seeing downhill cycling in my adopted country. We all contributed what we could to develop the network of trails in the country and especially the Trillos con Flow and Enduro Brothers associations but I could not accept the idea that we did not have a real private Bike Park for promote the growth of this sport which is for many of us a lifestyle.

I had the idea of creating a space that would allow people to experience this lifestyle without compromise; in permanent contact with nature, always more or less on the slopes, trails for all tastes, styles and levels offering the best of the rep dom. By honoring this Taino heritage, this tropical climate and these lush landscapes.

So I started looking for land... very expensive, too small, not high enough... impassable access... too far from Santo Domingo... weeks turned into months, and so for more than 2 years with Mike we We explored the surrounding hills and mountains to find the opportunity to make a dream come true. And one of these weekends exploring the mountains, at the bend of a little-known village, a piece of land appeared to us so large that we didn't think we could acquire... "from the fir trees up there to the river" tells us one farmer showing us the property from the other side. “All of this is for sale it seems”

Difficult, even impossible to resist! We had to try. And that’s how we begun with 500,000 square meters in Juan Adrián.